Capping, Soffit & Fascia


Aluminum capping protects your exposed wood from the elements. More importantly it is used to cover fascia, gables, window trim, and crown molding. Capping covers the wood so that it doesn’t rot. If you have exposed wood outside of your house, over time because of all types of weather, your wood will rot, possibly making the structure unsafe as well as causing mold and mildew. To prevent damage, even from bugs and animals, cap the wood to make it maintenance free. And pick any color you want .Capping lasts for as long as your house is standing.


If you walk up to the side of your house and you look straight up, facing down, underneath the gutter but closer to your house – is the soffit. It looks like siding, has ribs and generally has ventilation holes. However, if you see wood there, be aware that it needs to be painted frequently in order to prevent dry rot. The soffit must also be well ventilated so that the formation of mold and mildew does not occur. Gutter Gurus recommends going over the wood with vinyl vented soffit. The vinyl lasts forever so you don’t have to worry about replacing it again! It protects the soffit wood from rotting and also provides adequate ventilation for under your roof and inside your attic. We have over 30 colors in stock to match your home and style!


Fascia is the board that connects underneath your roof line to your rafters. It can be made from a variety of materials including wood, PVC, and wood-PVC composite. Although not all houses have fascia, we recommend it be installed because this is the most secure surface to hang your gutters from. Protect your home today!